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About Us

About Us


  PestPros, LLC is the leading provider of the pest and termite control services in the Valley. The company was founded on the principal of providing a quality pest control service with superior customer satisfaction. Our quality oriented employees have delivered their services with the necessary pride and care to produce excellent results. PestPros,LLC only uses E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) approved products. All our services are performed by highly trained and certified technicians. 

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 Termite Treatments

Termites live in the ground, they are voracious eaters and they come up to eat anything that is made out of wood, such as furniture, door- and window frames, ceilings etc. A professional treatment against termites is the only way to stop them from destroying your prestigious property.

To protect your property against termites, we have a couple of different kinds of treatments.

Complete Termite Treatment

PestPros Termite Treatment Plan consists of the following:
Digging a trench along the edge outside of your property and fill this with termiticide (EPA- (Environmental Protection Agency) approved).

Drilling wherever possible, the foundation through the exterior wall, to reach underneath the interior floor and drilling the inside areas where termites are spotted.

Injecting on of the best termiticides on the market today.

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We PestPros pledge to set the industry standard for integrity.  We will deliver superior quality service and state of the art pest solutions to our clients.

We realize the key to your overall satisfaction and ultimately your enthusiasm with your service experience lies with our company.  We believe it is directly dependent upon the quality of people and workmanship we provide to you.  Our goal is to build client and brand loyalty earning us the opportunity to retain your business and trust for all your pest management needs, long into the future.



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